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Heidi Sue, We Miss U

   ADOPTED    Hello, my name is Heidi Sue ADOPTED 

Heidi Sue has found the most wonderful home with a family who loves here and thinks she's special.  The quote which will stick with this foster parent for a long time was "our last kitty had some problems when we adopted her too but that is what made her special."  

From that moment, I knew we found the right home.

I am a special kitty looking for a new home.  I am a female short hair Calico who is about 1-2 years old.   I am a special in that I have a heart murmur due to cardiomyopathy.   I show no signs of any problems but the vet's caught this when I came in to HELP so my family will need to be aware of this.

More snoozing on the laptop here.

 So you want to know more about me ? 

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First thing to know is I love to play with the cat dancer.  


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 Occasionally, I am a little too quick for the camera.

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 Should the cat dancer not be around, the feather comes in a close second.

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When I first came in most everyone fell in love with me and the ladies were walking me around the vet's office on a leash to keep me entertained.  I am an adventurer and will seek out adventure most anywhere.  

I wait at the bedroom door to get a chance to go out exploring the whole house whenever I can.

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Let's see what some of my favorite places are ? ? 

First there's the places which are safe territory.   There's the piano.

heidiSue-041.jpg (124230 bytes)

And the old couch which is just the best fun.

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This is one of my friends, Emily, who I met here at my foster home.  She is one of many cats I've met here.  I get along well with other cats.  Emily doesn't always want to share this perch though.

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Here's another.

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 I got chased down from here.  

I'm learning to stay off the counters here in Paradise and will need someone willing to teach me the basics as I just love to explore..

Here is another safe place for a nap.

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I am a very sweet cat who likes people and other cats.  When not wandering around the house, I love a chance to sit in the window in the sun and watch the world go by.

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So if you have room in your heart and home for a lovely little girl such as I, please call and tell them you'd like to meet Heidi Sue.

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Heidi Sue is available for adoption from HELP, please call (630) 830-6948.