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Duncan, Duey, Darla, Delilah & Dixie

Hey check out this cool colorful thingamubob.  Hey, I think we can fit in here !  Now, how do I get out ?


In the last week, all of the Ds were adopted to wonderful new homes.  

Duncan now has both a new feline and canine siblings in his new home.  Dixie & Duey went together, Darla & Delilah paired up too.

We be the Ds.  

We are all black ~8 week old kittens who are looking for a new home.  We started out here as three siblings, Duncan, Dixie and Delilah.   Though we are little black kitties, we make the world around us fill with color.

About two weeks later a couple of long lost siblings turned up named Duey and Darla.  These two might be a bit younger but you'd be hard pressed to tell.  

Preparing for the front double back reverse supine belly flop.  

We are all black with the most wonderful wisps of white you have ever seen.  A couple of us have a white spot on our chests and one of us is growing some white behind her ears.  Telling us apart is a real chore.  For the longest time they would call us #1,#2,#3, 4 and 5.  Even this numbering proved difficult.

Hey, how do we get up there ?  It's easy, just climb.  Hey look at this neat toy we found up here.

We just love to play and climb this neat tree.  We play hard and.......

.....crash hard too.

 One hour on, two hours off to sleepy land.

 Cute as a button. Hey what's that flash ? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz..........

We're keeping a secret here as to which one of us was caught napping.  You know what they say:

 "there is nothing so wonderful as a sleeping kitten."

Here is a couple of individual poses.

Dixie ? Delilah ? Duncan ?

Duey ?

And then back to rumbling around.

What do we have here ? Feathers, feathers, we love feathers. 

It took four of us to contain this toy. Hey bring that back here.

Are you looking for a loving little kitten like me ?

The Ds previous page is here.

Duncan, Duey, Darla, Delilah & Dixie are available for adoption from HELP, please call (630) 879-8500.