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Hello, my name is Mia.   I am a short hair female Siameesy/white kitty with sprinkles of tabby.  I am about 6 months old.  I have been spayed and front declawed.


I was found  a few months back on the road by some wonderful people.  I think of them as my angels.  

The story as I hear it, about 7th hand cause I remember little about that cold evening, is that they passed me frozen on the road while driving.  I wasn't moving but they figured they had to go back and see if they could help me.  When they approached me on the side of the road, I was very cold and ill.   I had frost bite, a terrible upper respiratory infection and could not open my eyes.   These wonderful people rescued me and brought me to HELP.   These complete strangers saved my life.  

Thank you angels wherever you are !

I then met my other angels at HELP.   I was taken to the vet immediately for care and placed in a foster home.  My first foster mom says I didn't open my eyes for weeks.  They weren't even sure I had eyes.  

This was me then. 

I was a little..... ....down on my luck.

This is me now !!

miaPosin-06.jpg (124246 bytes) HELP miaPosin-09.jpg (133250 bytes)\

I have come a long way in the last few months.  I have lost some of the top of one of my ears and the very tip of my tail to frostbite.  These don't bother me one bit.  I also have some eye problems which have cleared up well.  I have several blocked tear ducts so I may have some eye problems going forward.  I have one eye which tends to tear quite a bit.

My eyes are very unique and give my foster parents fits when they try to capture it with the camera.  

miaPosin-07.jpg (44228 bytes) miaTunnel-01.jpg (40817 bytes) 

Usually there are problems with a little red eye but the camera guy says I have problems with red,  green, blue, white, black, you name it.  I figure it adds color to my life.  

They also tell me you should check out my beautiful tail.....

miaPosin-11.jpg (130303 bytes)

...my gorgeous coloring.......

miaPosin-12.jpg (43356 bytes)

....and a beautiful profile.

miaPosin-01.jpg (114789 bytes) miaPosin-00.jpg (111226 bytes)

I work very hard to keep my coat clean and shiny. 

miaPosin-05.jpg (151020 bytes)

I have the softest coat you'd ever imagine.

Below is one of my favorite digs.  This was my safe place when I first arrived here and I sleeped here each night. 

miaTunnel-02.jpg (48944 bytes) miaTunnel-03.jpg (54797 bytes)


I am a very playful girl. 

miaToys-02.jpg (51918 bytes) miaToys-03.jpg (48108 bytes)

miaToys-04.jpg (127335 bytes)

miaToys-05.jpg (58183 bytes)miaToys-06.jpg (48278 bytes)

miaToys-07.jpg (124377 bytes)

miaToys-08.jpg (113375 bytes)

miaToys-09.jpg (40548 bytes)miaToys-10.jpg (45541 bytes)miaToys-11.jpg (50836 bytes)

 Think my favorite toy is this measely little yellow pipe cleaner which provides hours of fun.

miaYellow-01.jpg (56326 bytes)miaYellow-02.jpg (43229 bytes)miaYellow-03.jpg (50122 bytes)

miaYellow-04.jpg (50674 bytes)miaYellow-05.jpg (131539 bytes)miaYellow-06.jpg (130268 bytes)

 Check out these action shots !

miaYellow-07.jpg (131195 bytes) miaYellow-08.jpg (131970 bytes)

I am looking for a home where I will have someone to play with.  Issy Kitty is my buddy here at Foster Paradise.  I just love to wrestle with her.  

miaPosin-03.jpg (53459 bytes) miaPosin-04.jpg (50084 bytes)

Never to worry that she's twice my size, I'm a tough little girl who's been through a lot.   

I also play with some of my other foster buddies here.  Both Molly and Heidi Sue are friends of mine.

Did I tell you about my soft side ?

miaPosin-10.jpg (134194 bytes)

 I love kisses, I give loads of them.  

It works kind of like this....

OK, here comes an opportunity. miaKisses-13.jpg (48512 bytes) 
miaKisses-03.jpg (74513 bytes)   Bingo !

I sometimes just wander up to you, say maybe while you are watching a movie, saunter right up and give you a kiss.

miaKisses-23.jpg (125873 bytes)

 So now you know a little about little old Mi.  If you are looking for someone to add a little sunshine to your home, the numbers is below.  

Tell them you'd like to meet me(a).

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Mia is available for adoption from HELP, please call (630) 879-8500.