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Pennyelope was adopted Wednesday 8-7-02 to a wonderful home where she will have two new sisters to play with.  Her new adoptive mom is just the best and we couldn't be happier for both of them =^..^=

Penelope is a 4 month old female black with white DSH.   She had an unfortunate run in with a car and had to lose her left front paw.  You would think this might slow her down ? Nah, you would never know it from meeting her.

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First we started to call her Penelope and then the briefer Penney but slowly but  surely it morphed to Pennyelope (pen eee el uh pee).

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Pen is a sweet loving girl with a huge purr who loves to cuddle.

She is an absolute lap cat.  There is nothing she loves more than slinking up in a lap, even when she supposed to be posing for pics.

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Don't you just love the line right down the middle of her darling face ? 

Imagine if the left was a mirror image of the right ? 

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Nah, she's the cutest just as she is.

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Penny has a couple of favorite toys.  First is the good old milk ring.

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Second is this ball thing:

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And lest you think her particular handicap slows her down ?  Here she dashes across the room and opens the closet door in search of more toys.

  penelope-37.jpg (143175 bytes)


How about this one ? 

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This was not posed and once we realized where she sat we tried desperately to pose her with no luck.  The first picture ended up being the keeper.

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Could you have a place in your & home for a special little kitty like Pennyelope


Penelope is available for adoption from HELP, please call (630) 879-8500.

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