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Scooter was adopted recently to a wonderful new home.

Scooter is a 4 month old male DSH orange tabby.  

He is neutered and is front paw declawed.

Scooter, as you can see here has a nice buzz cut on the tail end.  Due to his injuries when HELP took him in, he has had his tail amputated.  It is really cute and he has pretty much forgotten about it.

Some people call Scooter the Space Cowboy, some call him..........

   Huh ? Space Cowboy ? 

Well, here's the story.  When they have to trim the tail, they fit you for a collar to keep you from getting to the stitches.   This collar on a little boy like Scooter was like his space helmet.  Since he had it immediately post surgery, the collar was just a part of him which he didn't mind in the slightest. 

scooter-25.jpg (153938 bytes)  scooter-35.jpg (63073 bytes)  scooter-36.jpg (70062 bytes)  scooter-14.jpg (164624 bytes)

He was able to do most anything and didn't let it stop him from anything.  If the food bowl wasn't heavy enough, he'd push it around the room with his helmet.  If he got some food on the helmet, he would clean so you would never know that he'd even eaten.

The space helmet kind of limited cleaning but didn't stop him from givin' kisses.

scooter-24.jpg (179422 bytes)

He would bring the helmet and put it right up next to your face in the middle of the night and continue to bang it on you until you gave him the attention he wants.  These late night visits are much nicer since he's gotten out of the space program.

Oh and Scooter is the other question right ? Scooter is just Scooter cause he scoots.  Until he got used to the new tail, he did a lot of scootin' around in little bursts.  Some bursts were more effective than others as he took some time readjust to the earth's atmosphere post flight (errr... surgery).  It just seemed like he'd rather scoot up to your feet rather than walk.

scooter-01.jpg (44455 bytes)  scooter-05.jpg (44113 bytes)  scooter-02.jpg (60743 bytes)

Scooter loves to play.  Favorite toys include the cat dancer.....

scooter-06.jpg (134656 bytes) scooter-08.jpg (176272 bytes) scooter-07.jpg (164765 bytes)

 .....this little pink pony.....

Shall we dance ?   scooter-12.jpg (134165 bytes)

scooter-11.jpg (43084 bytes)  scooter-13.jpg (178008 bytes)

 ....and a green pipe cleaner like thing which gets all curled up just like Scoots.

scooter-16.jpg (46681 bytes) scooter-15.jpg (153638 bytes) scooter-17.jpg (46241 bytes)

 scooter-19.jpg (157803 bytes) scooter-20.jpg (158835 bytes)

He really digs this little thing.

scooter-21.jpg (163916 bytes) scooter-22.jpg (57395 bytes) scooter-23.jpg (57456 bytes)

These are the first posed pics after returning to earth's atmosphere..

  scooter-28.jpg (166097 bytes)

  scooter-27.jpg (205264 bytes)


scooter-31.jpg (125705 bytes)  

Could you have a place in your & home for Scooter the Space Cowboy ? 

Scooter was previously available for adoption from HELP, please call (630) 879-8500.

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