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Elvis, Elmer, Emmett & Evie

 Adopted theEs15.jpg (142292 bytes)  Adopted 

The E's were adopted by three of the most wonderful families you could ever imagine. Elmer and Emmett went together, Evie has a new 2 year old playmate and Elvis has a wonderful new brother named Weezely (nee Teddy).

A note for any and all who met Evie while she was here in Paradise.  Though she was shy around her brothers, as soon as they got new homes, she blossomed immediately.  Issy Kitty had adopted all the family but protected Evie after the boys found forever homes.  Evie started stepping out hours after Emmett & Elmer departed sleeping with us each night and talking up a storm.  She took to wrestling Emily at any opportunity, she was snuggling in Sheri's arms and was even warming up to Kevin the brave kitten medication man.


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They tell us the last group through here we're the Ds, I guess that makes us the Es.

We are just the cutest little family of 4 month old kittens.  

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I'm Elvis

I'm kind of the leader of the pack and the most outgoing.  I have two brothers Emmett and Elmer and one sister named Evie.  Emmett and Elmer are purrr buckets, Evie too but she is a little on the shy side.

We are four months old, shorted haired and black.  I have white boots and whiskers but most everybody else is just plain black.  

We started life on the streets but are now staying here in Foster Paradise thanks to the wonderful folks at H.E.L.P.

theEs11.jpg (147107 bytes)

We are the cutest little collection of fur you'll ever come across.  We did pose for this one as we added the tail in the second shot.  Mom's drawers are one of our favorite places.

Did anyone ever tell you black cats are special ? 

Though we can sit around looking cute, first and foremost, we love to play.  

This little pony learned this the hard way.

theEs02.jpg (157070 bytes) theEs03.jpg (144101 bytes) theEs01.jpg (179756 bytes) 

theEs04.jpg (154447 bytes) 

Hey, here's aunt Emily, she comes to visit regularly.  

theEs06.jpg (168160 bytes)

Evie is particularly fond of her.

Here is another poser while playing.

theEs07.jpg (144398 bytes)

Here I turn for a split second so Kevin can snap a quick pic.

theEs09.jpg (126639 bytes)


He's all over with that camera, most of the time we give him one of these:

theEs16.jpg (155963 bytes)

and he goes away.

Aunt Issy Kitty hangs out with us too.  

theEs12.jpg (145631 bytes) theEs14.jpg (140414 bytes)

She says she keeps an eye on us but we think she comes just for the kitten food.

Do you know what happens when foster mom's get tired at the end of the day ? 

theEs20.jpg (208916 bytes)

We make furniture out of her.

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Did I mention that black cats are special ?   


If you have room in your home and heart for anyone of us, or maybe even a pair ? 

Please call H.E.L.P.


Elvis, Emmett, Elmer & Evie are available for adoption from HELP, please call (630) 879-8500.