A H.E.L.P. Foster Home
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Fawn, Frankie & Frisco

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Hey there ! Thanks for stopping by to see us.  We are looking for new homes and hope that might be yours.

We are ~14 week old kittens with short hair.

 Two are orange tabby boys and one little brown tabby girl.

Let's start with Fawn.  

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 I am the sweetest little girl you will ever meet.  Usually the first to greet you and will seek you out for attention.  A beautiful brown tabby with just a sprinkle of tortie mixed in.

Kevin asked me to see if I could find a resting spot which matched my stunning brown tabby look.  This was easy.

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Next up is Frisco.  

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I am the shy boy of the family.   

I love my family and will hide behind them at first but love to play.  Frankie and I are almost identical twins except for our eyes and our size.  Frankie is a shrimp compared to me and I have darker mesmorizing eyes which give the camera fits sometimes which you get a glimpse of here.

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And here....

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Check out this pic, what's with the Dog thing ?  Cats rule.  

Once I know you, my favorite thing in the world is hands.  If you will pet me I am the ultimate purrrrrrr bucket kitty.

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To  round out the family, we have Frankie

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 I am the smaller of the boys yet I've been known to take Frisco down easily.  Fawn and I always push out front when checking anything out then we yell back for Frisco who joins us when we've determined it's safe.

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So how do you tell us apart ? my eyes are much lighter.  

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And no this pic is not upside down, I was at the time.

We really have it made here but need to find a forever home so the next orphans can arrive in Foster Paradise.  HELP always has cats and kittens looking for a new home.

So you should see all the toys here, check this out.

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This is like the ultimate playground.

Did I say play ? Oh man do we love this.

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This is just a cat dancer with some ribbon tied to the end because some other foster kitty wore out the cardbord it comes with.  

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We love to play with cat dancers.

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 Frankie ? Frisco ? who's who ? we're not tellin'.

 So other than the play pics, Kevin doesn't have any pics of us all together :-(

Except this one, this is where we go to replenish after a long hard cat dancer session.

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So if you are looking for some cuddly kittens to brighten your life, please call HELP and we'll see you soon.

Frankie, Frisco & Fawn are available for adoption from HELP, please call (630) 879-8500.