Darla & Olivia

Adopted   Adopted


Olivia was adopted recently to a wonderful family and has a great big new great dane dog friend.


Now, Darla says "It's my turn."


Today was Darla's turn, she now has her wonderful forever home.  :-)

And in case you missed it about 2. 5 years ago, here is a link to Darla and the Nemo Gang.



Hi ! We are Darla (gray tabby) and Olivia (Tortie).  We are 2.5 year old females and adopted sisters :-)


We are staying in a HELP foster home with Korn, Kandy and Gus.  We are all looking for a forever home.

Here's Oliv' with Korn.



Darla tends to think the vacuum cleaner cord is alive.



Olivia loves to pose.





This is Oliv' and Kandy napping in the tree.



Darla loves to play, especially with her little blue balls.


We were looking for our forever home, might that be yours ?