We are happy to announce that today, Saturday the 23rd, Gus has officially been adopted to a most wonderful new family.




We would like to introduce, the Guus.

Gus is staying in a HELP foster home along with Korn, Kandy, Darla and Olivia.  They are all waiting for their forever home, might that be yours ?

First, Gus was christened with the name Gus.  He arrived to his new foster home with this distinctive yet unkitty like moniker.



This grew from Gus to Gustav for a stately and big posing boy.  Posing here on the table before he was encouraged to amScray offhay the ableTay.


From here it morphed to Guus, pronounced Goose.


This is the Guus.

Gus is the king of the castle.  He is a 2-3 year old big black long haired boy with just a tuft of white on his chest so he is not mixed up with any of the others.


Gus thinks he owns the joint, well he tries.  He gets along great with the young kittens who've grown up around him but wants to dominate the permanent residents in his foster home.  He will need to be an only kitty or to be paired with another young kitty.   His favorite buddy is Korn who you can see here.  Gus loves to play with romp around with Korn.


 Think your family might be a good match for the Guus ? please call HELP and he'd be happy to meet you.