Kandy & Korn


Kandy & Korn have both now found wonderful forever homes.

We are now just over a year old. 

Our older pictures got pushed down below. 

You might notice that Korn is a camera hog :-)


Kandy and Korn are staying in a HELP foster home along with Darla, Olivia and Gus.  They are all waiting for their forever home, might that be yours ?



Korn the yawn king.


Out playing on the screened porch (ladder too).




This is Gus, he's Korn's unofficial big brother and best buddy in the world. 

Korn is the only cat who will play hard with Gus on one on one.




Here Korn is napping with Olivia.

Olivia and Darla are looking for new digs too.

See them here.




These are our initial pics below.  

We are a little older now and still looking for a forever home.



Kandy                             Korn