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Mellie was adopted

by her foster parents and is now a permanent resident of Foster Paradise.


We'd like to introduce Melrose or Mellie as she has come to be known.


Mellie is a brown tabby DSH female who is 2-3 years old. She is spayed and is NOT declawed.

She is currently looking for a home as an only cat but she is learning to live with the other kitties in her foster home.  She has done best with the young kittens.



Mellie loves to talk.  If you call her, she is quick to reply.


Mell' was found abandoned at a barn in Wayne.  She turned up one day along with the regular barn cats but something just wasn't regular about her.

She was obviously a house cat which someone had dumped.  She tried to fit in with the cats in the barn but they somehow knew she was different and were not having any part of her.

 Mellie happened upon the dog and decided to follow him.  She found her way from the barn to the house.  Here she located some people and decided they beat the tom cats in the barn for friends.  It was getting cold as winter approached and this house cat just didn't have the fur coat for being outside.  She needed a plan.


Her trick ?  Mellie found that there is one window in the kitchen and it is located right behind the sink.  She sat herself in the window and made herself known to any and every one who came in the kitchen.    Anytime she saw anyone in the room or doing dishes, she'd hop back up in that window and dance around until she caught your attention.


Lucky enough within a few days, just as it was getting cold, someone from HELP came and helped with the holiday dishes.  The rest is history and she is now living in her HELP foster home waiting for a nice family to adopt her. 


No barns for Mellie.






She's been known to crash in the cat napper in the sun regularly.




Should be more pics coming soon...........




Mellie is looking for her forever home, might that be yours ?