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Lincoln & Grant


Lincoln and Grant are brothers and best buddies.

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They can be found cuddled up together all the time.





Lincoln is a 9 month old short haired brown tabby.


He is neutered and front paw declawed.



What can we tell you about Lincoln ?


Yes he is named after Abe.  All the gang are named after presidents and their wives.  Initially there was Mama Obama and 9 kittens.  


Lincoln is kind of like a dog cat.  He is feline but kind of acts like a dog.  When you enter the room, he loves to roll around by your feet and generally do most anything he can think of to get you to pay attention to him.



Lincoln will roll over on his tummy and beg for belly rubs.  That brownish orange belly is his pride and joy and he will show it to you whenever he can.

Here is the stretched out and posing Lincoln .


And there is the playing Lincoln......









Lincoln would love to be adopted with his brother Grant who you will find below.





Grant is a 9 month old short haired gray tabby with white who is neutered and front paw declawed.  He is Lincoln's brother.






He is also best known in his foster home as Baby Grant.  

Fine name for a presidential kitty, eh ?



Here we ask for a smile, Grant gives you the tonsil shot. 

Notice the beautiful brown orangish mixed in here too.  Both boys have a little color mixed in with their beautiful coats.



Grant's fur is bunny soft. 

He loves to be picked up and cuddle with you.

He is a lap cat and will come and place himself in you lap whenever he sees fit. 



Grant learned this pose from Linc.  They love to get their tummys tended too.





Grant is very inquisitive.  When the shower is on he will amble over and check things out.  Loves to get his little feet wet afterwards too.



This is the cute and cuddly Grant.



Here he is doing laps around the big tub.  





Grant is available for adoption through HELP.  


These two are a wonderful pair who will bring tons of love to any lucky forever home.  Might your home be just the right place ?



Did we mention they love to play ?