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Hannah, Harmony, Huey, Hayden, Henley & Hootie Pie

One down, five to go.  Henley has been adopted to a wonderful home :-)

Three down, three to go.  Hannah & Harmony left yesterday evening to join their new loving family.

9-6-2003 Everybody has a new home :-)

It is finally time for an update for the coolest kittens on the planet.

Rather than revisit below, we will just go forward.  

They may be little but they are getting bigger every day.

Tonight's photo session yielded some great individual pics.  Can't seem to find the disk with the best group photos from a night or two.

Harmony was by far the ham of the bunch and was in rare form.

Hannah on the other hand was not posing much so let's start there.


Didn't change the ages below but they are now at the vet's best guess about 13-14 weeks.


Adopted  Hannah Adopted 

hannah-1.jpg (59781 bytes) hannah-2.jpg (65595 bytes) hannah-3.jpg (149057 bytes)

Hannah is the leader of the pack.  She does everything first. First to jump into the bathtub, first to jump out.  First one to leave the bathroom, first one to scale the screen to the bedroom.  She will scoot out the door on you almost everytime with her svelte figure and quick speed.  She's a love.


Adopted  Hayden Adopted

hayden-00.jpg (65974 bytes)

Hayden is the antithesis of Hannah, well until he blossomed.  As Hannah leads, Hayden holds back until it is safe.  Not in a shy way, more in a well.....sleepy way.   

He is a napping boy and this is his favorite pose.

hayden-03.jpg (57327 bytes) hayden-05.jpg (64425 bytes)

 He can be found snoozin'with his head resting here at least twice a day.

 He also likes to climb.

hayden-02.jpg (43133 bytes) hayden-04.jpg (41030 bytes)  

Caught here climbing Kevin and yes I did take these pics.  

Pretty good aim eh ? I can ruin most any picture.

hayden-06.jpg (52056 bytes)  Snoozin' again.


 Here is decides he wants the camera.

 hayden-07.jpg (61367 bytes) 

Hayden adores people and loves to be cuddled and pet.

hayden-08.jpg (41392 bytes)  hayden-01.jpg (68152 bytes)



Adopted  Huey Adopted

 huey-3.jpg (53183 bytes) huey-1.jpg (71417 bytes)huey-2.jpg (69712 bytes)

huey-4.jpg (56004 bytes)

Huey is the first and darker half of the tabby twins.  

. Huey & Henley

 Although he looks cuddly above, he's a ruffian at heart.  He loves the adult cats and especially loves to wrestle with them.  He'd make a great companion for a young cat who needs to work off some energy.


Adopted Henley Adopted 

henley-07.jpg (110105 bytes)

Henley is a talker more and more each day.  He loves to play and is second in line behind Hannah in any escape plan hatched by the CKOTP.

henley-00.jpg (58247 bytes)

Posin above.


henley-02.jpg (68882 bytes)

This is the sad face for when he wants love.  Henley loves people and loves to be pet.

He is known as the updside down kitty as his favorite trick is to run up to you and flop on the floor, roll over and beg you to rub his belly.  What a kitten !


henley-05.jpg (51222 bytes)

Another one we kind of aimed, he's whispering something in my ear like "down at the sunset grill..."


henley-09.jpg (96525 bytes)

He loves to be carried around and will hang limp in your arms.  He is a very trusting little boy.

henley-13.jpg (76115 bytes)

He and Huey are the most beautiful brown tabbys you will ever meet.  They were very hard to tell apart early in the game but now Henley's very dark back tabby swirls keep him from pretending he's Huey.

henley-04.jpg (64853 bytes)


Adopted  Hootie Pie Adopted

hootiePie-00.jpg (50455 bytes)

What a name ? Should have seen the look on the vet's face when I told them kitten number three is now Hootie Pie.  Sometimes you just have to fit the alphabet in with the personality.

hootiePie-02.jpg (47120 bytes) hootiePie-01.jpg (142978 bytes) hootiePie-03.jpg (49658 bytes) 

Hootie is a loverboy.  

He loves people.  

He loves to be pet. 

He is just the cutest little black kitten you will ever meet.  

hootiePie-05.jpg (129642 bytes) hootiePie-06.jpg (123051 bytes) hootiePie-07.jpg (126234 bytes) hootiePie-08.jpg (116237 bytes)

One of his new friends said "he is looking into my eyes".

He may hang back like Hayden for the initial charge to the door but once he puts his seal of approval on you he will be in your lap for life.

Did I mention black cats are special ? 

hootiePie-09.jpg (156752 bytes)


  Adopted Harmony Adopted 

harmony-09.jpg (64653 bytes)

OK, she is the star of the show tonight.  Pic after pic she knew she was on camera. 

Cute as a button with those little white boots.

harmony-00.jpg (60261 bytes) harmony-01.jpg (53363 bytes)

Evevn when she is sleeping.

harmony-02.jpg (55617 bytes) harmony-04.jpg (52945 bytes) 

She was named Harmony because she loves to sing, er talk, well actually the first few weeks besides kitten number 4, she was "scremer".  

She is a very vocal girl and as you can see quite photogenic.

harmony-05.jpg (65311 bytes)

 harmony-06.jpg (68128 bytes)

And quite playful......

harmony-07.jpg (52119 bytes)

harmony-11.jpg (48670 bytes)harmony-12.jpg (50607 bytes)


Whoops, napping again.  You are getting sleepy, very very sleepy......

harmony-13.jpg (71582 bytes)harmony-16.jpg (49561 bytes)harmony-17.jpg (69249 bytes)


Come check them out, the CKOTP.

That's the:







Hannah, Harmony, Huey, Hayden, Henley & Hootie Pie are available for adoption from HELP, please call (630) 879-8500 if you'd like to meet them.


We would like to introduce the H family who are available for adoption.


hannah.jpg (55033 bytes)


Gray Tabby female 10 weeks.


harmony.jpg (146196 bytes)


Brown tabby w/boots male 10 weeks


huey.jpg (142938 bytes)


Brown tabby male 10 weeks


hayden2.jpg (56686 bytes)


Gray tabby male 10 weeks


henley2.jpg (142703 bytes)


Brown tabby male 10 weeks


hootiePie.jpg (155715 bytes)

Hootie Pie

Black male 10 weeks


Here is a pile o' pics of the gang.  They are just the best bunch little kittens you'll ever meet.  More story to come soon.

theHsSet-01.jpg (58533 bytes) theHsSet-03.jpg (58034 bytes) theHsSet-04.jpg (46904 bytes) theHsSet-05.jpg (145387 bytes) theHsSet-06.jpg (63675 bytes)theHsSet-07.jpg (47011 bytes)

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theHsSet-11.jpg (50592 bytes) theHsSet-12.jpg (48064 bytes) theHsSet-13.jpg (51010 bytes) theHsSet-14.jpg (52951 bytes) 

 theHsSet-15.jpg (49156 bytes) theHsSet-16.jpg (75033 bytes)

theHsSet-17.jpg (34155 bytes)

theHsSet-18.jpg (43950 bytes) theHsSet-19.jpg (51429 bytes) theHsSet-20.jpg (57172 bytes)theHsSet-21.jpg (47384 bytes)

theHsSet-22.jpg (47978 bytes) theHsSet-23.jpg (39260 bytes) theHsSet-24.jpg (34117 bytes) theHsSet-25.jpg (37072 bytes)

theHsSet-26.jpg (43936 bytes)

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theHsSet-31.jpg (77953 bytes) theHsSet-33.jpg (75590 bytes)theHsSet-34.jpg (32566 bytes)

theHsSet-35.jpg (69609 bytes) theHsSet-36.jpg (55019 bytes)

theHsSet-37.jpg (133506 bytes)

theHsSet-38.jpg (54595 bytes) theHsSet-39.jpg (57381 bytes) theHsSet-40.jpg (51234 bytes)

theHsSet-41.jpg (48222 bytes) theHsSet-42.jpg (64512 bytes)

theHsSet-43.jpg (47550 bytes) theHsSet-44.jpg (43320 bytes)

theHsSet-45.jpg (48460 bytes) theHsSet-46.jpg (51283 bytes)

theHsSet-47.jpg (63098 bytes)

theHsSet-50.jpg (96739 bytes)

 theHsSet-51.jpg (40238 bytes) theHsSet-52.jpg (54047 bytes) theHsSet-53.jpg (47929 bytes)

theHsSet-54.jpg (49214 bytes) theHsSet-55.jpg (55105 bytes) theHsSet-56.jpg (41528 bytes)theHsSet-57.jpg (56340 bytes)

theHsSet-58.jpg (84057 bytes) theHsSet-59.jpg (77960 bytes) theHsSet-60.jpg (37287 bytes)theHsSet-62.jpg (56642 bytes)

theHsSet-63.jpg (146056 bytes)

If you have room in your home and heart for anyone of them, or maybe even a pair ? 

Please call H.E.L.P.

Hannah, Harmony, Huey, Hayden, Henley & Hootie Pie are available for adoption from HELP, please call (630) 879-8500 if you'd like to meet them.