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We would like to introduce Wolfie.  











Here is one more which is the pic above which is so popular in it's cropped version. 

On this day I came home to find that Sheri had left her work clothes (shirt and pants) on the bed, nicely folded after a long day at work.  I arrived into the bedroom shortly thereafter where the Wolfman and Lyndsey hang out to find that one of them had staked out her pants, the other claimed her shirt.  The whole rest of the bed was made perfectly, you could probably bounce a dime on it <g> but they wanted to be on foster mom's clothes and be ready to meet anyone who might come through the door.

Anyone turned out to be me with camera in hand.

Here is the uncropped & untouched version of the pic.


Wolfie was available for adoption from HELP, please call (630) 879-8500.