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These are Wynona's babies.

They are 8 weeks old as of 8/2/08.  


Why Kittens & Young Cats Should Be Adopted In Pairs


This is mom.  Here name is Wynona.


She is a very young mom of 7 wonderful kittens.


Update (9/22/08): OK, we have 6 of 7 on to wonderful forever homes.  Now we have to focus on PROJECT MONTY


Her family is:


Adopted - Gretchen - Adopted

Adopted - Dolly - Adopted

Adopted - McGraw - Adopted

Adopted - Taylor - Adopted

Adopted - Dixie - Adopted

Adopted - Jo Dee - Adopted




Montgomery (Monty for short) is a very outgoing boy.  He will meet you at the door, hop up on a carrier and talk to you about his problems or just convince you he just has to be picked up.  He is the first one to climb up most anything he encounters.


The metal gate he's climbing is a topless dog pen which we put the gang in when we were cleaning their room up.  We return 2 minutes later and he's scaled the 4 foot pen and is telling you that the climb is far easier than the descent.


Monty has grown as all of his siblings have found their new homes.


This is more recent Monty.

First, his favorite spot. 


Monty is one great kitten.


Everyone who has come to adopt Wymom's kittens very quickly learns that Monty is the coolest cat on the planet.  I mean this kitten rocks.  He is just the best.  Unfortunately, some families want girls, or some want Siameezy or those pretty white kittens with gorgeous blue eyes.....yadda, yadda, yadda......


Don't get me wrong, they are all great kittens but Monty is special.


We guarantee he will warm your heart.


 Just look at this poser.


Here is the last 3 in an incredible Kodak moment the likes of which will not soon be forgotten.

 This little boy deserves his forever home now too.

Might this be yours ?




Gretchen is a sweet little short haired female.  She and Dolly are like twins who are very hard to tell apart.  Very curious, loves to play and has a big motor when you snuggle with her.






Dolly is Gretchen's twin, sweet, white and cuddly.







McGraw is the most stunning looker of the bunch.  He looks to be as big as Monty/ but the scale says otherwise.  He's a bit bigger than these pics show him by now.   His siameezy markings ?  Absolutely to die for.   He is just too cute.





Taylor looks and acts like a little brown tabby boy but turns out to be a playful little girl.  She can go toe to toe with big Montgomery with no problems whatsoever.   She is also quite the poser when she's cuddled up sleeping with one of her siblings.



Dixie - Adopted




Jo Dee - Adopted



These are some pics from the day they arrived about 4 weeks ago.




And some random group pics from their last few weeks in Foster Paradise.



Some hijinks, early on they went on a climbing expedition.


Montgomery is king of the hill.


And then begging for some help to get down.



They love when Uncle Beckham comes to visit.  



Beckham is available for adoption and his pics can be seen here.





These sweet little kittens are available for adoption today, please call HELP at the number at the top of this page if you like to give them their forever home :-)