This is Kevin bloggin' (long before he even heard the word blog) the trip my wife and I took to Hawaii for our tenth anniversary.

If you have some time, there are some good laughs, great pictures and more than a few entertaining encounters.



kPostcards From The Pacific

(The 10 Year Field Trip)

Last update: 05/30/02 08:40 PM

Current Status: Home 8-)  

ISP = Interlink Hawaii

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Day 8

Old status: Its Monday and we are skipping a few days forward to pics from yesterday at Hana Lei and the "secret" beach.  Nudist summary is 2 males, both very old and unappealing (atleast to me) but if you wanted to do this, this was the beach for it.  Pics are fantastic as the waves here were incredible.  There are some here from the "treacherous" hike Sheri planned for a lazy Sunday afternoon.   It was treacherous, wet, muddy and very difficult.  Sheri loved the scenery and the hike.  Kevin like the scenery and found the hike miserable.  Made it to about 3/4 of a mile uphill when he (I) gave up and refused to go any further.  Pics are good and we are working backward from Day 7 with pictures at this point.......

Well we added a few day 8 surfer dude stuff too.

Wow, I think its like day 7 ? or something like that. Sher is keeping me very busy and last night both of us crashed long before I got to the computer.  I think its a plot 8-)   We are in for the evening, kevin dirty from tourist activities, will return to the computer shortly after a shower.  Many have been asking about the nude beach, these are not really legal but many "secret" beaches are used for this type of activity.  We did today find one the "secret" beaches compliments of Sheri's Hawaii books.  There were nudist sightings.  More later.......